30 June 2007

I´m in Peru

This is a short entry to confirm that I have arrived safely in Peru. I spent a full day in Lima and have moved smartly on to Nazca. A very entrepreneurial gentlemen has not only provided basic accommodation but sold me a full bells and whistles flight over the Nazca Lines tomorrow. He has my money, so this better be good.

Although Internet access is widely advertised I have not yet found a computer with a USB port that will read my memory stick, where I have stored all my passwords, suitably encrypted. My webmail password is so unguressable that I cannot remember it. Once I get the memory stick to work I shall have to fix that. Loading pictures is also dependent on a USB connection so this matter has to be resolved!

A longer blog entry has been hand drafted while waiting for a bus. I will enter it tomorrow or on Sunday, depending on when I get to a modern Internet Cafe. Access is incredibly cheap - only 1 Sol (about NZ 45cents) per hour. But I´d rather pay more and have modern gear that does what I want.

The Spanish keyboard is not too bad, but it has some very funny special characters and it took a while to work out the @ sign. It´s Control-Alt-2.

Hasta la vista!


Carol said...

Hey you thats fantasic, your spanish lessons are paying off. Enjoyed the first installment carol

Julia said...

I knew you would write the bestest blogs! Keep em coming - fascinating - have you seen a Condor yet? J xxx