19 October 2007

The next post may be a few days

I am now in El Calafate, in Argentina´s glacier district. Internet connections here are expensive and slow. Also, I have booked a full day tour for each of the next three days, so there will not be much time for blog posts.

So if there is nothing new for a few days, that is why.

Don´t let that hold up the comments and emails.


Mike Theilmann said...

G'day wandering antipodean. That's right. Hide your face in shame in the wilds of South American. Its the least you can do after the dismal NZ showing in the World Rugby Cup. I can understand getting beaten by the Brits, the Aussies--even the Fijians.........but the FRENCH!!Its like the Canadian national hockey team losing to Kazakhstan for goodness sake. I suggest you stay down there for the next four years to see if they can redeem themselves next time around. Maybe they should take up Llama wrangling instead.

I am sure you heard that your son is safely back in the arms of the Mother of Parliaments. We managed to stuff a quick dinner into him, get a potted version of his adventures in NY and Boston and then zoomed out to Dulles and bundled him on a plane. Very nice lad. He can come and stay any time (not sure about the parents though).

Been a very hectic October here--business trips to Toronto, Halifax and Ottawa. Next week Windsor, Ontario and then Tucson, Arizona where I am going to make a small pilgrimage to Tombstone to pay my respects to Wyatt Earp and Ike Clanton (and maybe a little side trip into the heart of Apache country--that period of history fascinates me).

Did an interview for an Executive level job in Ottawa. Dont know if I won the competition but I certainly qualified for the management pool which means that I can be slotted into a management job with no competition. I am working with my new boss to get the liaison officer position in the UK. Would be a four-year posting and see me to retirement. Might be the end of your mother though with me persuading Bill to run away and joint the Confederate Army with me. Big sticking point right now (and it is big) is trying to get our Dept of Foreign Affairs to let us put a position in the embassy so dont know if this is going to come off. However, one can dream.

Maren and Kate send their love (as does Max the cat).

I will now try and read some of your back blogs to see what you have been up to since I last visited the site (and there better be forts, tequila and girls aplenty and not necessarily in that order or I wont come back).


We are going to try and go to Costa Rica or some similar place for Xams as a family. I fancy margaritas and beaches and palm trees instead of Xmas trees for a change.

Mike Theilmann said...

PS Forgot to explain my reference to Motorcycle Diaries in my original post on your blog in September. Its the title of a film about a trip that the young Che Guevara did with his best friend by motorcycle bascially going the length of South Amercia. Lovely film.

Prunella said...

Good for people to know.