03 August 2009

On the Travel Trail Again

After a 2-year layoff, my dotage is being misspent once again.

There were 46 emails waiting for me when I sat down in this Internet cafe, so time is almost up and this is going to be a really short post.

Eve and I are in Darwin. It is around 31 degrees outside, but it falls to a clement 18 degrees at night. We picked up the camper van yesterday and have secured a site in a well-populated campsite. So far we have been getting to know how everything in the van works, stocking up with food and doing the laundry. Tomorrrow should see some serious holidaying.

And a future post should describe our drive along the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne to Adelaide.

Nature notes will, of course, be a feature of the posts. We have seen almost 40 species of birds already, including black cockatoos and a colourful figbird in the campground.

Feel free to leave comments.

1 comment:

Dorotea said...

Post some photos! We'd love to see you both.

Kevin and Dorothy