01 November 2007

Peninsula Valdez Photos

The trip to Peninusla Valdez was written up on 14 October when the pictures were still in the camera. Last time I edited pics into an already-written post it took an age, so I´m giving you these snaps separately. You can either go to the original post by date or by searching on "Valdez".

Due to the state of the tide, the tourists were loaded while the boat was still on the trailer. Then we were tractored into the surf. This is another boatload following my group.

A Southern Right Whale imitating a rock. They are very good at this.

This was an attempt to capture a whale "jumping". By the time you spot the whale in action and have to wait for the digital cameras delay the spray is all that is left. I dont think right whales are agile enough to get very high. I estimate that about a quarter of the whale´s body left the water.

Another typical pose

When the krill seek refuge in deeper water the whales dive down after them. An essential part of this manoevre is a tail wave before disappearing towards the sea floor.

There were some left. I´m off after them

The boat didnt get too close. The whale surfaced right by the launch.

I promise you this is a whale and not a rock.

The path down to the elephant seal beach at the eastern end of the peninsula. Humans are not allowed on the gravel. The irregularities on the beach down by the waves are elephant seals.

A closer view.

Another family group having an athletic game of beach slumber.

This seal at least had the energy for a swim.

A male showing the scars of battle.

A view of the coastline North of the elephant seals.

Most of the peninsula is flat and covered in scrub.

A yellowfinch beside its nest burrow.

The megellanic penguins were nesting there, too.

This is to prove that I didn´t buy the last photo. I really was there. :-)

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