01 August 2007

A Quick Update

Dear Blog,

The last few entries have been attempts to catch up with the account of My Inca Trail and to insert photos. I´m getting rather behind. There is Machu Picchu to describe and my trip to the jungle.

I´m now in Arequipa and have just returned from a 2-day excursion to the Colca Canyon. Thank you, Megan, for putting me onto this. I have seen all sorts of wildlife, including vicuñas, andean geese, puna ibis and flocks of condors. Yes I´ve seen CONDORS.

Apologies for the messy formatting of My Inca Trail. Not all Internet cafes have CD drives for the photos and the one that does closed before I could figure out the problem.

I was going to do that this evening. However, it took me 2 hours to deal with my emails so I´m now off to get dinner. I think I´ll go for chifa - Peruvian Chinese. The fried rice is familiar, but other dishes are tantalisingly different from the NZ equivalent.


Anonymous said...

I have gone very very green.

Have been keeping an eye on your adventure and really enjoying your blog.

I will go back to thinking about the condors soaring!

Keep having fun - Megan

Bill Heritage said...

Dear Anonymous Megan, please send your email address to bill.heritage@gmail.com. When I set off I left my address book behind :-( Bill