11 August 2007

The Jungle Adventures Have Moved

So that the blog as a whole retains some continuity, I have redated the posts relating to the jungle trip to 23 July and so on, the dates I was actually in the jungle.

I am now in La Paz, which is/isn´t the capital of Bolivia. The last reference I saw described it as the governmental capital, whereas Sucre is the judicial capital. If you get asked "Which is the capital city of Bolivia" in a trivial pursuit type situation I do not know what to advise.

Anyway, it´s very high, and the approach is even higher. The bus breasts a hill and there is the city swarming all over a valley in front of you. The main streets are at the bottom and the high-rises are dominated by the single storey structures that climb up the hillsides on either side.

There are virtually no private cars in the city, but the buses, micros and taxis manage to clog the streets nonetheless.

For some reason the shoeshine boys here have adopted a ´uniform´ of a balaclava with minimal eye holes. It makes them look like scruffy would-be bank robbers.

I shall write some more about the jungle. Off to see Tiahuanaco tomorrow. Thanks to those who have left comments.

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