23 August 2007


Do you recall the two NZers that are competing in a 6-stage 240km race? They were mentioned in the "San Pedro de Atacama" post. I checked the race web site today and clicked on Leader Board. After three stages Robert Jarvis is in the lead! Brother David Jarvis, who is walking the course, is a creditable 35th. The web site also has a facility to email competitors, so I sent them an encouraging message. You could do the same.

Email. I have had a lot of trouble with Xtra in recent days. Hopefully it has settled down, but it would be a good idea to use bill.heritage@gmail.com instead. Or send to both - Gmail has not been perfect either.

Comments. I like to receive comments, so thanks to all those who have left messages. To those who have tried and failed to leave a message all I can say is "Thank you". I do not know how to fix the problem. The only work-around I can think of is to:

  1. copy the comment before attempting to publish it;
  2. paste the text into an email; and
  3. if the comment fails to publish send me the email. I will edit the comment into the relevant post if you ask me to.
Photos. I have lots of snaps in the camera but nowhere in Tupiza advertises downloads to CD. Nor does this Internet cafe have CD drives. All other cafes are full this evening. Be patient, more photos will be added in due course.

Buses. I have been in Bolivia for weeks now and I haven´t seen a new bus. Where do they come from? Maybe there is a factory in La Paz that makes second hand buses? Quite a few have a banner telling the passenger where the vehicle was blessed. I would be more interested to know when it was last serviced!

I am just about to write a few notes on Arequipa. They will be back-dated to 1 August, the day before I left the city.

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